OpenBench Logic Sniffer 3.07 “Demon” Core Release!

Download the OpenBench Logic Sniffer 3.07 “Demon” core Release from the new Logic Sniffer information portal.


There has been a lot of new progress with the OpenBench Logic Sniffer. “Dogsbody” has contributed an exciting new Verilog core that adds some significant improvements:


3.07 OpenBench Logic Sniffer Release

  • 3.07 FPGA “Demon” Core
    • Fix for 200Mhz sampling in “Demon” Core
  • 3.0 PIC Firmware
    • SPI speed increase
    • Fix for Winbond read issue
  • 0.9.3 SP1 Jawi OLS client
    • Bug fixes


3.06 FPGA “Demon” Core Release

  • RLE works correctly for all memory depths.
  • HP 16550a Advanced triggering mode. (The client does not support this yet, but the Verilog core supports triggers just like the HP 16550a!)
  • Meta tags inside the FPGA core allow the client to determine the version running on FPGA.
  • Jawi’s client “″ fixes RLE issues, adds JTAG decoder, and 1-Wire decoder.
  • Version 2.6 of the PIC firmware increases SPI transfer speed. The difference is noticeable, this release is named “Demon” because it is a speed demon.
  • OLS Upgrader works for both Windows and Linux now. A simple menu based GUI steps you through upgrading your OLS.

  • Main window (light theme) with scope.
  • Main window (light theme) with measure tooltip.
  • Main window (dark theme).
  • Measurement tool.
  • OLS general settings.
  • OLS trigger settings.
  • General preferences.






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